Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pow! A pop of color!

Another fashion collage I made via Polyvore.  Love that website!  I spent some time exploring new parts of the city today; So, this look is really inspired by street fashion.  It uses a funky pattern and bright pops of color.  The style of the shoes and hat give it an urban feel.  The sleek, fitted solid black crop top adds a bit more order to this crazy style.  The shoes and hat coordinate with the colors in the print, but I kept them solid so that the focus of the outfit remains the leggings.

This summer bright colors and patterns are must-haves.  They must be styled correctly, and it is really easy to go wrong when playing with these fun fashions.  While pairing patterns is a huge trend this summer, I wouldn't do I patterned top with this outfit because all of the bright colors would make the outfit too busy.  These pants are really funky and different.  They are more of a statement piece, than a pattern to pair with other patterns.  For example, you couldn't really pull off pairing these leggings with a floral print top.  They are a great piece, and I really love the way they are the center of this outfit.  

I would keep the makeup pretty simple with this outfit.  Most likely doing a natural lip and eye with a bright pop of hot pink in the inner corner of the eye.  I would keep the hair down, loose, and wavy.  If it was sunny, I would add a pair of aviators, just simply maybe a gold frame.  I would keep the jewelry to a minimum.  Again, I really love these pants as a statement piece.  I want them to be the center of the outfit.  So, I don't want to emphasize them and not add a lot that distracts from them.

Comment your favorite way to wear brights or your favorite way to wear patterns!


  1. I love this punk look. I am in love with those pants!!! The neon accents add a pop to the outfit, as well. Great collage!


  2. Thanks, glad you like it! I love the pants, too, which is why I really focused the outfit on them.