Saturday, May 18, 2013

My favorite self-tan products

First off, I was not sent these products or paid to review them at all.  This is simply my opinion on the best self-tanning products I've found through years of trial and error.

Summer's here, the season for lightened hair and tan skin.  The risk of skin cancer due to tanning has made many fear lying out for hours to get a deep summer glow.  Self-tan is a safer and healthier way to achieve this look.  Self-tan can also help those who do choose to tan achieve a darker, but still natural-looking skin tone.

Let me just say I love self-tanning.  I am extremely fair-skinned with freckles, strawberry-blonde hair, and blue eyes.  My skin wouldn't tan a bit if you left me in Jamaica for a month.  It is hard to find self-tanners that do not turn me orange, especially being so light-skinned naturally.

My number one favorite self-tanning product is a spray called Salon Bronze, available at Sally's stores in the US.  It comes with a reusable spray gun and a bottle of product.  I bought the set for about $16, then after that I only need to buy bottles of product, which run about $8.  I have never had a bad experience with this product.  It doesn't streak, goes on smooth, and never looks orange.  It is so much better than any spray tan I have ever gotten at a salon, which were almost double the price of Salon Bronze.

My best friend decided to try the product after I had so much success with it.  She has a beige to medium skin tone.  It also worked wonders on her.  I highly recommend using this product.  I spray tan once a week to maintain.

Make sure your skin is exfoliated and moisturized before any spray tan.  To exfoliate, I use any drugstore body wash with exfoliating beads and a loofah sponge.  The moisturizer I use is one of my top favorites.  I probably will never a different body moisturizer again.  It is called Moist Hemp Bronzing Moisturizer, also available at Sally's.

It leaves my skin unbelievably soft.  It also gives a natural and gradual bronze glow.  I have tried almost every gradual glow moisturizer on the market and I have not found one besides this one that didn't turn me orange after a week or two of daily use.  This product I can use every day yearlong and my skin still looks naturally bronze.

I use this after exfoliating just before spray tanning and then daily in order to maintain my tan.  Moisturizing increases spray tan longevity and the hint of bronzer in this lotion keeps my skin looking like I just came back from vacation year-round.

These are my top two self-tanning products.  Hope this post helped!

During the winter, I made a really awkward YouTube video about these products as well (it was my first video ever, okay?). I will post the link below.  Check it out.

Here is my first ever and extremely awkward YouTube video on this subject.

Comment your experience with these products or if you have another product that works great for you.

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