Thursday, March 31, 2016

Back to Blogging Update

My life has been non-stop since my last post.  I've literally just now, over a year later, found time to get back to my blog.  What's my excuse for taking away your dose of inspiration?  I've become a wife and a mommy.

Keeping up with my seven month old son and now with a daughter on the way, I've been keeping busy.  But with great responsibility comes great style.  So to my readers (if you're still out there after a year), enjoy my upcoming regular postings and new found mommy style tips and tricks.

It's very difficult to find time for yourself when you're a mom and sometimes you may even feel a little guilty doing something for yourself.  I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times, but you need to do things to keep yourself happy and motivated so that you can be the best mother possible.  Make yourself look nice, boost your confidence.  At the same time, I realize you don't have all day.  So, coming up I will be sharing some quick outfits and makeup tips and tricks I use daily that allow me to look my best, while only taking a short amount of time.

So here I am, another mommy blogger in the making!  Hope you enjoy!

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