Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lovely Layers


Cozy by beinspiredbyme featuring a sterling silver bracelet

     During the summer, I posted Stay Cool, Look Hot.  Should I be so cliche and corny and call this one Stay Warm, Look Cool?  Not this time, but I had to put it out there.  Couldn't help myself.  Anyway,  hopefully my readers are staying warm.  Where I live it has been frigid.  Sometimes it's hard to stay toasty and still look trendy (I'm on a roll), but I created a look to demonstrate how to do just that.  If you like any of these items, they're linked at the bottom of this post.

     In my last post, I talked about some unexpected winter hues I was enjoying.  I followed this trend with the outfit shown above.  The key to this look is sticking with solid garments.  Because there aren't any busy patterns, it makes it easier to put together different colors like the blue and green.  The neutral colors tie it all together, creating a colorful but not over-the-top look.  I finished the outfit with two bracelets and a pair of studded owl earrings.  To complete the entire look, I added some nude colored nails and a natural eye.

     Often times winter layers can look bulky.  This can be avoided by choosing the right shapes.  Notice that I chose a crisp button-down blouse and a slouchy scoop neck over it.  This is important because had I chose a loose-fitting shirt, the look would turn out bulky in combination with the sweater.  The collared shirt with cuffed sleeves add a subtle pop of color to the white, while the green pants throw in a punch of color.

  The outfit has a light and airy feel, while still being warm and cozy for winter.  If the weather is terribly cold where you live, like it is where I am right now, you can add even more layers.  Try adding a fitted tank top underneath the blouse and a pair of thermal leggings underneath the pants (just make sure the leggings aren't too thick! Remember, we don't want bulk.) to add a little extra warmth.  Another thing I like to do to stay warm is wear fuzzy socks, sometimes over regular socks or sometimes just by themselves.  I always make sure my pant legs are over them and they are hidden in my boots.  Obviously, this wouldn't be the way to go if you are planning to take your shoes off in front of anyone, but I've found it to be one of the best ways to stay warm this winter.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I really like this outfit you paired together! Especially the cute owl earrings!!