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What Do You Wear With Wedge Sneakers?

What Do You Wear With Wedge Sneakers?

What Do You Wear With Wedge Sneakers? by lynntibbs featuring jimmy choo

Well, it's pretty obvious that Polyvore is my favorite site.  Here is yet another fashion collage I have made using this website.  I entered this into their contest called "What Do You Wear With Wedge Sneakers?".  So, if you're on Polyvore, please check this out.  It's one of my favorite looks.  If you like this look and want to purchase any of the items, they're linked at the bottom of this post (because I finally learned how to post straight from Polyvore!).

Since this look was for a contest involving wedge sneakers, I started with the wedge sneaker that I wanted to style and went from there.  I chose this one because I really liked the strappy-looking top and the colors.  It's unlike any wedge sneaker I've seen before, and I absolutely love it!

With a sneaker like this, I definitely wanted pants that could emphasize it.  I wanted a nice, sleek silhouette going into the shoe.  So, I chose skinny pants.  I felt a shoe like this demanded something super-trendy, so I went with a cross print.

I added the blue letterman jacket which matched the darker blue in the shoe.  It adds a more urban feel to the outfit, and also emphasizes the sneakers since the colors match.  The jacket features both black and white to match the pants without being too over-the-top matchy-matchy.

Because I didn't want to go overboard with the matching colors and blue hues, I paired the outfit with a bright yellow bag.  It is outside the blue and neutral palette the rest of the outfit is set in.  So, it breaks it up in a nice way and adds a fun pop of color.  I kept the accessories to a minimum.  I added silver rhinestone earrings to add a little sparkle and pull the outfit all together.

I finished the look with a super fun and chic hairstyle.  I would keep the makeup as it is in the picture, a neutral smokey eye, natural contouring blush, and natural lip color.

Leave me a comment and tell me your favorite part of this outfit, or tell me how you'd style this wedge sneakers!  I love to hear from my readers, so don't be shy!

Blue letterman jacket
$34 -

H&M slim fit pants
$23 -


Jimmy choo

Zirconia earrings

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